Welcome to the new Regulatory and Compliance blog on www.Trans-station.com – “The Transportation Scene”.   My name is John Mueller.  A little about myself.  My trucking career began in 1981 at a transportation consulting firm in the Authority and permit department. Soon I was overseeing the fuel tax department also.  In January 1987, I opened my own consulting firm – Trac Tracers.   I was offered a position as a Safety Director at one of my then customers – and leapt both feet into Safety and Recruiting in March of 1995.  In October of 2001 I became Director of Driver Services for a truckload reefer carrier and then to a major carrier as Regional Midwest Field Recruiter.  I formed Premium Transportation Logistics in 2002 with two partners.  My role at Premium was President of Safety and Recruiting.  We operated this company, along with other companies until March of 2017 when I sold my interests in the Premium Group and started this company – The Transportation Station LLC.

In January, 2005 I received the Certified Director of Safety (CDS) credential from the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI).  Some of you may know me as a Moderator on the “Ask the Recruiter” forum on EO (ExpeditersOnLine.com).  I also received the COSS (Certified Occupational Safety Specialist) designation in May of 2013.  In August 2017 I will also possess the Certified Driver Trainer (CDT) certification from NATMI.  I have written blogs for numerous websites and have conducted, moderated and spoken at countless workshops in the trucking industry for the past 30 some years.  In short, my trucking career has been spent in the most “exciting areas” of the trucking industry – Regulatory and Compliance.  That’s a big LOL

Personal time I spend fishing, motorcycling, shooting and spending time with my family.

Enough of me – on to helping you.  Over the past 25 years or so, the trucking industry has seen a staggering amount of regulatory and compliance changes.  This trend will continue with revisions to CSA, MAP 21 and other initiatives such as the Electronic Log Device (ELD) Mandate.  Reading, learning and attempting to keep up with the changes is daunting to safety professionals, trucking personnel, and especially drivers.  Drivers are out on the front lines and are exposed constantly to scrutiny through roadside inspections.   Performing the daily duties of a professional driver now includes “being a student of the industry regulations”.   I encourage you to read, study and absorb as much of this information as possible.  It is imperative that you receive your information first hand from FMCSA or other reputable sources.  The purpose of my blog “The Transportation Scene” will be to provide you important information on the regulatory and compliance changes occurring within the trucking industry.

The next blog following this introduction will focus on acronyms, abreviations and definitions used with the regulatory and compliance sector of the trucking industry.  Getting a handle on these terms will help you better understand all the technicalities.

In the meantime, thank you drivers and trucking professionals for all you do.  Please be safe!